I’m so upset.  I’m so, so upset.  (Our friend, not our son) Dennie’s mom posted that he is NOT doing well.  Basically it sounds like he may be on his way out of this life.  I feel sad that he only really LIVED long enough to serve a mission and get married because after that is when the cancer hit and it all went downhill from there.  For 14 years he has been struggling with complications that resulted from the cancer.  He’s been so patient and gracious through it all, I don’t know how he does it.  Always giving comfort to others.  Always serving others, never thinking of himself.  His wife ended up leaving him, his parents ended up divorced, his mom (who is his caregiver) has her own health problems, I just wish I could be back there to help them.  To give her relief and watch over him so she can rest.  To comfort them both.  I know they have family but the hospital he’s at is 30 minutes away from them and they all have kids, you know how life goes.  I just feel like this is it.  He’s not going to beat this, he’s going to die.  And it’s absolutely not fair.  It’s never fair, I know.  I love him so much.  So, so much.  If it weren’t for him, for his influence on Brian, it’s likely we would never have married.  We owe him everything, and there isn’t anything we can do.  Except pray.  Which never feels like as much as you want it to.

So please place them in your prayers.  Pray that he can be comfortable, and that their hearts can be comforted.


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