14 Minutes, 30 Seconds

That’s how long I have until I have to leave to pick up kids from school.  If it’s longer, I’m late.  Sweet… 14 minutes… (the computer froze)

I think God is using Photoshop today.  The light here is amazing.  It feels so good, I’m actually going to let the kids play at the library park when we go to the library later.  I know, right?

Lesson I learned today:  It’s probably cheaper to just get the manicure than to keep buying nail polish.  When I paint my own nails, it’s just sad.  And it smells.  It smells at the salon, too, but you can walk away from that instead of smelling it hours later.  AND, they massage your hands!  Win, win!

I have a certain day of the month I’m waiting for.  Nothing special, just a day.  But damn if it isn’t taking forever to get there!  Do you think if I gave it a reason it would go faster?   Because it did when I had all those trips I took this summer.  Maybe I will say “on this date, I will go have the October flavor of the month at Baskin Robbins!”  of course, now it seems like even more torture, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

I’ve been teasing a friend about why doesn’t she ever let me take over as guest poster when she’s unable to do her M, W or F post at her blog.  It’s not like I’m going to show all our old yearbook photos or anything.  Ok, I am, but still… It was all good and fun until she said “Ok, next time it’s yours!”.  Now I’m totally freaked out.  People actually read her blog.  LOTS of people.  IMPORTANT people.  She’s an author!  It’s not even my turn yet and I am freaking out!!!  I gotta get something put together.  Just in case.  Plus, it’s gonna take some time to scan all those photos, I’ve got three yearbooks!  I wonder if we went to the same Jr. High?

Three minutes, 30 seconds left…

Um, um…

OOOH!!!  I know.  Did you watch “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” last night?  Holey cheeses!!  By far it was the biggest train wreck they’ve had.  I can’t wait for the reunion show, which I’m sure will be coming up in just a few short weeks!  I don’t know what was up with my DVR last night, but it cut off the last 2 minutes!!  I didn’t get to see how the drama ended OR the scenes for next week!!  This is gonna be torture… especially when you consider that Dance Moms just ended its season last week, too.  How will I get my weekly train wreck watching in?  Do I need to find where my local Amtrak is?

Wow, I’m a minute over and that wasn’t very much typing.  I need to do something to speed up my thinking!  Or just stop over-thinking.  Then I could type as fast as my little fingers will go, which is actually kind of fast when I don’t have to edit.

Two minutes, gotta go!


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