I made the biggest Honey-Do list in the universe on Saturday.  I’m a planning freak.  And we all know how much I love to spend money!  So why not combine the two and make a master plan for the house?  So I did!  I wish I had photoshop or some landscaping software that I could take a screen shot of to show you the plans for our front & back yards.  I could just describe the changes, but they’d only make sense if you’ve been here and I know most of you haven’t.  But I’m not bitter, don’t worry!  ;^)

Our first projects are going to be:

  • Weed the mini-garden in front
  • Seed the front lawn in sections
  • Pick colors for door & trim (I’m thinking some kind of burnt orange or purple currently)
  • Remove bird planted tree and shrub

Not bad, eh?

After we get the gutters fixed we can move forward with the plans for the mini-garden.  I have a front bed that gets a lot of sun and the dogs don’t have access to it.  It’s really the perfect size for a realistic garden for me.  I’m going to plant blackberry & raspberry canes, build a trellis that goes on the ground at an angle for planting cucumbers, peas, and nasturtiums (you can plant lettuce underneath!), and then there will be half wine casks on either side of the lemon tree for tomatoes.  Seriously yummy, right?



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