I’m angry at myself tonight so of course I’m super-grouchy and even more irritated than usual with people and animals that annoy the snot out of me.

I made chunky artichoke salsa yesterday and I took the rest to my friend’s today so I could share the awesomeness, but now I’m craving it and I’m out of artichokes!!!  Maybe we have some in our food storage….  that stuff is addictive!  Like crack.  The more garlic you put in, the more you crave it.  The recipe calls for one clove.  I made a double batch and put in 4 cloves that looked like they were on steroids.  I may have added another regular-sized clove, but I forget (I was in a kitchen machete induced haze from all the chopping).

Are you on Pinterest?  Do you want to be?  Because I will totally give you an invite if you leave a comment.  It’s also addicting.  I spend more time there than I do on Facebook these days.  Yeah, it’s that addicting!  So it’s also got me realizing that I really love design.  A lot.  And I’m very into mid-century modern stuff.  So yesterday I found this new “store” online that lives in San Francisco and has extremely reasonably priced mid-century stuff.  The super-awesomest part about it was I saw that once upon a time they had had this bronze-ish Golden Gate Bridge sculpture by the artist C. Jere.  I HAVE THE SAME BRIDGE!!!!!  So of course now that I know the artist’s name I have to troll Google to find out how much it’s worth.  A friggin’ lot!  This bridge is…. unique.  It’s basically hideous, but I totally love it.  It was on the wall of my grandparents dining room when I was a little girl, and when they moved to Seizure Leisure World in their golden years it landed in the dining area there, too.  My mom was like, “You should sell it!” and I would TOTALLY love the $$$, but I love this piece of crap even more.  I have included it in my “stuff I basically got for free but is totally vintage/antique/worth a lot” mental file, which makes me feel like a rock star.

I’ve started watching this show called “Fashion Hunters” on Bravo.  Um, wow.  I never knew how into fashion I was!  Ok, I’m not, but I totally feel these girls!  It’s like Pawn Stars but for clothes/shoes/accessories.  I feel joy for them when they score something for the store!  But it’s only 30 minutes and every time an episode is over I’m shocked that the time has come so quickly!  I get very upset and depressed that I have to wait a whole ‘nother week to see it again!  And I super-love NYC, so it makes me feel like I’m right there.  Yes, I know this is news to basically everyone (including Honey), but if I couldn’t live in sunny CA, I’d have to live in Manhattan.

Ok.  I think I’m done with my word vomit for today.  Thanks for listening.

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