My Nightmare Came True

I got home from school and volunteering in Honey’s classroom yesterday to find out that my worst nightmare had come true…

MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN!!!  It’s a short and very technical story that I will sum up in two words for you:  Stuck in start in safe mode loop.

Ok.  That was more than two words.  And it’s also probably been eaten by a virus.  The good news is, there should be no data loss according to the professional geek I called on the phone.  Thank God for small miracles because I might drop over dead if I lose my iTunes library!  That’s $500+ I’ve spent over the past 4 years plus CDs that I uploaded and have given some away!

The bad news is, It’s a Ben Franklin and Ulysses S. Grant to have it fixed.  (That’s $150 bucks to you non-dead president afficionados).  And as far as I have been able to tell, there are no computer geeks at church who do this stuff for free because they love feeling all awesome when someone calls upon their superpowers.  There aren’t any who do it for pay either, but still…

So, I will be over in the corner sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth until Grandma wins the lottery because more than one person in my house needs shoes right now and I don’t know when $150 is going to be burning a hole in my pocket.

No House, no Survivor, no Amazing Race, no blogging, no email, no homework, no work work…. THE WORLD HAS COME TO AN END!!!



*this pity party has been brought to you courtesy of Shana the Beautiful’s generosity.  she let me come by this morning to post the obituary.

5 thoughts on “My Nightmare Came True

  1. There is a guy on Merced Freecycle who does computer stuff. Are you on Freecycle? It would be worth an ask. Or I can try to get ahold of this guy. I did give him a mattress and an entertainment center at one point.

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