This One’s For The Journal

I started to write and decided it was better left for the pages of my journal.  Too personal and still in the middle of it, and in this case sharing is not helpful to me.  But just knowing that, being able to recognize that although sharing my burdens often is the best way for me to receive the strength and support I need but that this time is not, is a big step for me.

I should go write there now but it’s been too long in either place and since I am here now, I’ll keep going!


Sometimes Kindness Begins With Strangers (that’s the title of a post I should’ve written last weekend)

My best bestie Ana Banana from Butte, Montana came to visit me last weekend!  It was treasured time we spent together.  One of our outings was to Trader Joe’s, our favorite boutique grocery store.  During our spree I became really bummed that they were out of a few things I’d been planning to get but “would be on the truck tomorrow”.  That would be fantastic if Trader Joe’s was as near as Safeway or Raley’s, but it’s not.  TJ’s is 20 minutes north or south of me in towns I don’t often have another reason to visit and in a time when gas is as high as it’s been, you don’t just jaunt up to Stockton or down to Modesto because you’ve got a jonesing for white Stilton with apricots or a tub of hummus no matter how good it is.

When my total at the register was over my budget I decided to ditch the marigolds in my cart (which, did you know, they have a beautiful smell?) my mood turned even sourer, which the generous cashier noticed and then sweetly comped me the flowers and promptly turned my furrowed brow into smiles and giddiness all around!

I’m often telling my boys that “kindness begins with me.”  You have to choose to be happy, and no one can make you have a bad day or feel a certain way unless you let them.  When I encounter cashiers or other servicepeople in my day I try to address them by their name so that they know they’re not invisible to me.  I see them as a person trying to do their job and make a living.  I try not to inflict my bad mood on others but sometimes I don’t quite make it and gloom and doom abounds.  I’m so thankful that day that my cashier had kindness in her heart and smiled at me the best way she knew how!


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