You Can’t Make Me

Ohhhh Dear Reader(s), it’s about to get political here at Sallygirl.  Please forgive and feel free to skip over this rant, especially if you aren’t a CA resident as it only applies to us.

You know how there’s survey companies out there that “pay” you to take surveys about this, that, and the other?  Well I belong to one and just took a survey Re: Prop’s. 30, 32 & 38 and found something I feel especially passionate about.

Specifically, I’d like to say something regarding Prop. 32:


Have you ever been forced to do something against your beliefs/wishes/ideals?

That is what the California Teacher’s Association does every month with a portion of Honey’s membership dues.  They use it to support candidates and ballot measures that are NOT in line with his moral or political beliefs and ideas.

Yes.  There is already a way to “opt out” from this, but the hoops they make you jump through and paperwork you have to fill out to make it happen are extremely discouraging for the measly percentage (A few years back I heard it was something like $8-$12/month?) of your dues that it is.  Not to mention the flak you get from other union members for doing it!

I know the amount is small.  Even saying it feels ridiculous.  But when you add that up over the amount of members of the CTA, it comes to millions of dollars.  Why should we be forced to give up any amount of our income, no matter how small, to support this?  Why can’t the CTA set up an optional political contributions deduction for those who wish to?  Is it because it’s not tax deductible?  Well guess what, YOUR DUES AREN’T EITHER!

As always, study the issue on your own and decide what’s best for you and your family when you head to the ballot box next Tuesday, and thanks for listening.


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