Me & Elvis

We think a lot alike.  He used to shoot out his TV (when under the influence) if someone came on he didn’t like.  There’s a certain song going around that makes me want to shoot out the radio.  Ok, ok.  It’s two songs.  “Call me maybe” and “Boyfriend”.  I have vomited in my mind just typing those names out and have the shakes.  BRB, I need some AC/DC or Twisted Sister to make me feel better.



Ok.  I’m Back in Black now.

Know what else is bugging me lately?  COKE ZERO.

I SWEAR when it first came out, they must’ve just had original Coke in there because I seriously could allllllllllllmost stay it tasted the same.  Not now though.  Not it’s just as nasty as Diet Coke.  Great, now that I’ve committed blasphemy by typing the “DC” words I’m gonna have to hit Jack-in-the-Box where they’ve got the REAL THING.   And since when did Diet Pepsi start tasting like battery acid?  Back when Honey was on his mission, I drank 8+ a day and LOVED IT!  Now?  I might rather drink grey water.

Also wondering why some pop music is labelled as rock, and some rock as pop on iTunes when clearly the one is NOT the other?  (I think I just invented a new job!)

Speaking of iTunes…

If you use it, and you click on the “Purchased” list, are you ashamed at the number of songs there?  Because you know you spent at least that amount in dollars before they upped most songs to $1.29 a pop.  I thought I might be but I just checked and it’s close to under 500 purchases.  That’s over about 10 years so it’s not too bad I guess.  I keep forgetting the amount of songs in my whole library (1670) includes CDs I’ve had for a long, long time and uploaded for my iPod.  If I had unlimited $$ it wouldn’t go to clothes or shoes or even home improvements.  It would go to music.  (If my brother reads this, he may be rolling over in his future, not-yet-dug, grave  because he purple polka-dotted hates Apple products; but I am a sheep.  A slave to what’s easy, what I know, and that’s iTunes.)

I think it’s time for sunscreen.  The pool is looking mighty inviting right now, and I make the rockin’ world go ’round (us fat-bottomed girls)!!!


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