The Villagers

Hmm.  They’re 18, 16, and 14 (not in this photo, though).  All boys.  I think that right there says all you need to know.  Someone told me that having them so close together would make them the best of friends.  My response?  LIAR!!!

The Villagers (not yet rioting)


3 thoughts on “The Villagers

  1. hey there…. your boys are amazing… we can’t wait to have you over this month.. and whoever told you that they will be best friends.. they are.. I see that when I’m around you.. I don’t spend that much time with you … but when I do ( Wednesday nights,. sunday morning’s) I see that they do love each other.. brothers will fight.. bicker.. .and so on but these three yes boys yep they are best friends.. you are such a good mommy to them. and I am happy to call you my friend!!

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