A lot of people have asked me, “What is Good Mail?”  Well, I’ll tell you.

Once upon a time I heard of a concept called Good Mail.  I wish I could give proper credit to whomever came up with it, but alas, I have no clue.  The general idea is to create and send out little pieces of art (the envelope) into the world, because who wants to go to the mailbox and find only bills?

I have since turned Good Mail into something all my own.

Several times a week I sit at my desk and turn my thoughts to my friends, family, and the people “in my neighborhood“.  Many of my closest friends live in other states, and though Facebook is nice – it’s not very warm or personal.  I marinate on them and what’s going on in our lives, and the Universe (or God, whatevs) just kind of sifts through the names and lets me know who might be in need of mail at that time.  Sometimes I’m too mentally distracted to notice and I’ll put out an all call to see if anyone wants mail that I may not be aware of, but I’m usually pretty in tune.

*side note* – I LOVE stationery.  I’m an office/craft/school supply addict.  This hobby lets me indulge in that a bit!

This little project of mine, it gives me such joy!  I like to think that the people I send mail to are doing ME a favor.  There are a lot of complex reasons for that, so let me just say that and leave it there.  I also have a desire to put good out into the ether, because I believe it will come back to me in some way.  And even if it doesn’t, it still makes me so happy!

If you are so kind as to share your time with me by reading my little blog, I would love to send mail to you, too!  We may not know each other in person, but there is something inside us that connects us to each other that makes you worth my time, too.

If you know me personally and I haven’t sent you mail, I apologize.  Marinating isn’t 100% effective!  Just hit me over the head with a bat and make sure I have your address.

If you struggle with mental illness, chronic illness; if you have no problems at all, or just want/need a pick-me-up in your post box for ANY reason, please don’t be too shy to say so!

I can be contacted via the Sallygirl Facebook page, or email me at: SallyGirl1975@hotmail.com