To Whom It Concerns, Vol. 9105

And now it’s time for another edition of “To Whom It Concerns”, brought to you by:

  • idiots
  • morons
  • jackholes
  • weirdos
  • the cool kids


Dear 5 Seconds of Summer,

I hope you’re giving credit to Duran Duran for sampling “Hungry Like A Wolf” in your “Hey Everybody” song.  Because you totes ripped them off Vanilla Ice style.  Please cease and desist before you completely ruin music.

Yours Truly,



Dear Verizon,

ThanksGETTING?  Really?  That’s disgusting.  Like, Voldemart disgusting.  Shame on you.


A Giver


Dear Lady in the Drive Thru,

Check your bag before you take off.  Stopping in the middle of the drive thru to walk back to the window is NOT cool.  Some of us are in a hurry.

Yours Truly,

Someone In A Hurry


Dear Sophia,

I know it’s been 23 years since I saw you last, and you were older than dirt then.  How are you still driving?  A truck no less?  I guess now that you live in California the glaucoma isn’t a problem.  #420 Still, how are you even alive?!?!

Kiss Kiss,



Dear Aerosmith,

I love you and your greatest hits!  My son was actually pissed at me for two days because I didn’t immediately burn him a CD so we could listen in the car.  Thanks for making multi-generational music to last through the ages.


A Crazy Rag Doll that’s Cryin’ because Pink is her favorite color


Dear Villagers,

Now that you’ve damaged my laptop so badly that I have to pay a fortune to fix it or buy a new one, you can be sure that there is not a snowball’s chance in Hell that you’ll ever get to use it once I do.  You all can use this (now) PoS for your Minecraft and your Steam and your whatever else you do when you mistreat my stuff.




And so ends another edition of To Whom It Concerns !  Thank you for tuning in and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!





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