The Walking Dead

Hi there!  Long time, no write.  I’ve been pretty busy living life and binge watching all kinds of TV that I ignored in the last 15 years.  Also, Fall TV is in full swing and there’s new seasons of everything, everywhere!

One of my favorite weekly rituals takes place on Friday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

On Friday mornings I head over to my TGIT bff Cammy’s house and we watch our Thursday night shows together while color commentating every detail.  It’s hilarious.  You should join us sometime!  Anyway, between last season and this one, Cammy moved to a new house out in the wilderness.  The first week we started our Friday morning gig this fall we couldn’t do it; so we decided to watch it live with a delayed start so we could skip the commercials.  That meant that the first time I went to Cammy’s it was pitch black dark and I couldn’t see much of the scenery in her new neighborhood.  But last week?  It was my first time going to her house in broad daylight.  I vaguely remembered how to get there from the week before so I headed out on my merry way and rocked out in ignorant bliss to the car tunes all the way there.  As I got closer to the new house I started to come out of a grove of trees and into a vast open space (but for the new housing development on my right).  Just as the orchard ended and the field came into full view, SO DID A FREAKING ABANDONED MENTAL HOSPITAL; columns and all.  It was like Walt Disney himself had journeyed to this little corner of the valley and built a test model of The Haunted Mansion ride right in the middle of nowhere.  Just for funsies.

I asked Cammy about it because I was shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, that she hadn’t mentioned this monstrosity living in her backyard before.  If that kind of crazy was in the field behind my house?  I’d be calling everybody I know to come over and saying “You gotta take a look at this…”  She said that this really rich couple (who were obviously mentally impaired because why, WHYYYYYYYY would anyone build a supermansion like this in our town of all places?) built it and the wife had an affair with one of the builders or construction dudes.  The husband found out and divorced her, and nobody ever moved into it.

We think it’s unfinished because the columns appear to not go to the top, but it could be that it’s just a weirdo design.  At any rate, there are no building supplies laying around, so who knows?  If someone asked me about the place, I would make up some crazy ass story loosely based on the truth but with lots of possibilities but mostly not probabilities thrown in; ending with bodies in the basement that turned into zombies, and that’s how we got The Walking Dead.


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