Help! I’ve Aged And I Can’t Get Up!

(get your mind out of the gutter, I said get up, not get IT up!)

So, I turned 40 a couple weeks ago and it’s really messing with me.  If age comes up in conversation or I’m taking a survey (which I actually do quite often) and I’m asked to enter my age, something inside me dies a little every time I key in the number 40.

Part of me knows 40 is no big deal.  It’s the new 20, right?  Except no matter how hard I try to polish it, 40 still feels like a death sentence to me.

I had my young and wild days.  I got married.  I had kids.  They’re practically adults, or they’re at least at an age where if I died, it wouldn’t be so hard on them as if they were younger.  Honey would have no trouble getting over me and finding a new spouse.

If I were 35 and wanted to wear pigtails, it wouldn’t be within the realm of ridiculous.  Now that I’m 40?  It totally is.  Yes, I could if I wanted to, but it just wouldn’t feel right so I wouldn’t.

If I were 38 and wanted to wear neon nail polish, it’d be hot!  In my 40’s?  It’d just be sad.

All my friends still have young kids.  Like, practically babies young.  Shoot, one of them does have a baby!  Me?  Technically I could now be a granny.  Sure, I’d have to ground my child ’til they were 90, but it could happen.

And so my interwebz friends, I’m asking you to help me.  Help me think of things that are truly cool about being 40+.  Because other than getting to take fun trips by myself without the family falling apart while I’m gone, I can’t think of anything.


Comments here ---> (please?)

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