A Birthday Wish List

This year, I’m turning 40.  (I can’t believe I just said that.)

I’m planning on having a party, and the thing I want most is to be surrounded by my family and friends.  To be able to hang out with all the people that keep me going, there’s no better gift!  There’ll be a pinata, good food and my favorite mocktail.  Kids will swim in the pool, grownups will play bocce, Ker-Plunk! and Giant Jenga while the music blasts; and maybe there’ll be some dancing under the twinkle lights as the evening winds down.  I’m even boarding the dog so she won’t get on anybody’s nerves!

I don’t expect any gifts, but I know some people won’t be able to help themselves.  It is for them that I created this list:

Things I Will Not Look Horse In The Mouth At:

  • And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini (I read his other two books and finally understood what the conflict in the Middle East is about.)  Book
  • Admission to this year’s Sunstone Symposium. I’m dying to attend the Mormon Food Matrix lecture given by the incredible Jerilyn Hassell Pool!  I’m hoping if I touch her apron hem, some of her awesomeness will rub off on me.
  • Bubble Talk.  It’s one of my new favorite games.
  • Cards Against Humanity.  I’d actually love the limited edition Mormanity, but there’s no one around for miles that would appreciate it besides myself.  Though the fundraising campaign is over, I know a guy who knows a gal, and may or may not be able to secure a copy of the game.
  • Torani Cane Sweetner syrup with pump.  I’d like to try my hand at making my sweet sweet iced coffee at home this summer…#Starbucksaddict
  • A pineapple mint plant.  I hear it tastes great in lemonade!
  • Gift cards are always appreciated!  My favorite flavor is AMC, but I also like Home Depot, Target, Sephora, iTunes, World Market and Amazon!
  • California Poppy seed bombs.  They’re one of my favorite flowers!  And Zinnias.  I love those, too.
  • Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Good luck finding it, though.  I read that there has been more demand than the publisher has been able to keep up with.  I’d settle for borrowing your copy, just to be able to read it. 
  • A lunch date with Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, RDJ, or Thor.  No, not Chris Hemsworth, THOR.
  • A complete and total reboot of the Divergent series of films with a brand new and more appropriately paired cast.
  • A gift certificate for somebody that’s not me to come paint my interior.  I’ll supply the paint!
  • Branch shears.  I’m tired of the backyard neighbor’s tree shedding into our pool!
  • Table Topics! I’m a pretty good conversationalist, but sometimes my brain hurts and I need someone else to do the work.
  • SIMON Carabiner.  For badassery on the go!
  • Aaaaand this set of Glassware.  Because, Nojitos!  And pineapple lemonade!  Aguas frescas!


You’re all invited.  I hope you make it!  It’s gonna be fun. 😀


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