Don’t ignore me!  I’m worth taking a look at!

These are things I hear in my head when I’m driving.  I’ll notice a patch of sunflowers, a decaying cornfield, cows, the detritus of life; and usually I’m driving too fast to listen to that voice.  Except last night.

Every day, M-Th, I take a pretty scenic route to the Villagers school.  One of the things I pass is this little hole-in-the-wall dive bar called Finley’s.  It looks no bigger than my living room, but is extremely charming and looks as though it’s been there since the beginning of the Pony Express.  Last night I was driving home from a fundraising meeting at the Villagers school for choir and it was juuuuuuuuuust the sweet spot of twilight as I approached Finley’s and thought, “Now that would make a beautifully haunting picture.”  I sped along for about 50 more feet and then quickly pulled over because I said to myself, “Sallygirl, this is not the first time you’ve gotten the message to pull over and take a picture.  You must do it!  Stop ignoring that voice.”

I don’t know what this voice is.  Maybe it’s God.  Maybe it’s the Holy Ghost.  Maybe it’s my own brain reminding me that I’m always wishing I had better/more photos to post on Instagram, and that I really need another hobby (as I have a tendency to pick them up for 5 minutes and then drop them like hot rocks).  At any rate, here is the photo I got:

It’s not that great.  I wish I had PhotoShop and knew how to use it so I could fix the squinting lights.  I super wish that the arrow sign were lit up.  It makes me want to purchase lightbulbs, if only Finley’s owner would screw them all in, but it’s probably a larger issue like damaged wiring, or maybe they’re trying to save money on their electric bill.

Last night I decided I’m not going to ignore the voice anymore.  From now on, I’m going to stop when something screams at me “Take my picture!  Take my picture before I’m gone!”  Maybe you will like my pictures.  I’m not trying to be a photographer, that’s too ambitious.  I just want to practice noticing, and seeing, things that are put here on Earth just for me.


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