Open Swim!

I’m happy and proud to announce that Swimming Season has started and the J family pool is now open to the public (now sporting a yard to play and tan in!)!  Starting tomorrow, we’re going to have some mighty fine weather, perfect for a dip!  As always, it is by invitation only.  YOU ARE INVITED.  That’s the only time I’m going to say it.  The ball is now in your court to phone/text me up and say “Hey can we…”  I promise, the answer is (almost) always yes!  Take advantage of our friendship, no matter how loosely connected we are.  We bought the house with the pool not for ourselves, but so we could con people into being our friends entice you to spend a relaxing morning/afternoon/evening poolside in our company!  We think we’re pretty fun.  We’re also available for BBQs and pizza dinners if you should like to stay after 5:00 p.m. and if you bring me a fountain Coke, I might let you have your kid’s birthday party here, too.

There are just a few rules, and I haven’t found a cute sign for the fence yet so I’ll post them here:

1 – (AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!)  Bring your own towel/sunscreen/snacks.  I’m happy to share if you forget, but I’m also not an heiress to 7-Eleven so I can’t constantly feed the masses and I’m not your laundry maid.  Also floaties/pool toys/and chairs.  We’re light on patio furniture and no longer have small kids that we need to keep floaties around for.

2 – Sunscreen is mandatory.  If your kids refuse to wear, I will tell them the very sad story of my father, who grew up lifeguarding at the lake in his youth (before the days of sunscreen), got skin cancer (that spread to his lymph system and brain) and died at the woefully young age of 35.  Also, you have to wait until 15 minutes after it’s applied before getting in for it to be effective, so it’s a good idea to put it on before you come over.

3 – Hours of operation are M-Sat 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Not much advance notice is required, same day service available, and no limit on how many times in a week you can show up!

4 – We have a dog.  She is a nice dog.  She will bark and grumble when you first arrive and be very interested in you/excited to meet you.  If you have small children that can’t deal with dogs, maybe it’s not a good idea for them to come.

5 – Please keep careful track of your trash.  Our pool vac is tempramental, we don’t want it to have a meltdown because someone forgot to throw away their Otter Pop wrapper.

6 – NO DROPOFFS.  Unless you have older kids that know how to swim.  I’ll keep an eye on them from inside my air-conditioned palace but there’s no lifeguard on duty so if they’re not proficient swimmers you should plan on staying with them.

That’s pretty much it.  Oh, the pool’s not heated.  If you think it’s too cold/windy to swim, your kids don’t.  Mine start jumping in in January!

See you soon!


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