I’m So Embarassed

So, I had a little issue with iTunes yesterday.  I couldn’t remember the answers to my security questions.  Which was totally pissing me off because I did remember my password, and really, shouldn’t that be all you need to purchase music?

Apparently not.

Let me back up a minute.  I haven’t had iTunes since my computer exploded a few months ago, I sent it in to be reset, and got it back.  I tried installing it when I got it back, but something got messed up and it wouldn’t install.  Yesterday, I FINALLY got around to giving it a thorough uninstallation, rebooting, and reinstalling (for the 90 millionth time).

Ok.  Now we’re back at the part where I tried to buy a song.

I literally spent 2 hours on the phone with some chick from Apple Support (and I use that word “support” lightly here).  She finally transferred me to a supervisor, who couldn’t help me because we’d tried so many times even they got locked out of my account.  He did promise to call me around 11:00 the next morning and try again.  Hopefully, I would remember just ONE of my stupid answers because even though there are three questions, apparently they just needed one correct answer to reset my questions for me.

(I’m not embarrassed yet, it’s coming.)

So this morning Honey and I were having serious talks about making a car purchase.  I was getting extremely overwhelmed, and really needed a shower, and even though it was still 2+ hours before Apple would be calling me back, I was really starting to get upset about having to open a new iTunes account and not being able to download ANY OF MY MUSIC ever again!  I actually cried.  A lot.

(Ok, now I’m embarrassed.)

God must’ve taken pity on me because miraculously I was able to answer one of my questions correctly, reset the questions altogether, and now all is right with the music again.

Except now I think I hate Apple more than I hate Comcast, and that my friends is serious business.


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