Art for My Heart

I love art.  I don’t know who doesn’t love art, because it all affects us to some point.  I even have a board for it on Pinterest (Art for My Heart).  So, today I’m going to share a few images from two of my favorite artists.


Georgia O’Keeffe




And Gustave Baumann





Incidentally, they both were painters of the Southwest.  Though I am not a fan of Southwestern art per se, I do love a style of art called California Impressionism which appears to be a combination of the style of these two artists (even though O’Keeffe used watercolors and Baumann was a woodcut artist).  Here is a lovely example from Tom Brown Fine Art:

I’m sure I’ve shared this here before, but here is another example of California Impressionism which I got as a total steal (they asked $50 and I paid $15!) at a garage sale a few years ago:

What sort of art speaks to you?  What images do you fill your mind with?



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