Love Letter to My Bed, Deux

Dear Bed,

I’m spending the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa.  B is part of the Mock Trial team at his school and the state competition is this weekend in San Jose and I didn’t want to fork out for a hotel room that would be surrounded by teenagers being loud (as they should be, they’re young!) at night.

Bed, I feel like I’m cheating on you with none of the fun.  Last night was like being on the rackI’m on a love seat sized sofa bed.  It’s got a real mattress, not a thin pad like they used to have; but it’s like this bed was made for a midget.  The pillows fall down a hidey-hole, my feet hang off the edge, and it’s just not you.  You, with your perfectly molded shapes.  And a head board.  And a flat foundation.  And pillows that don’t deflate.

I’m so sorry that I strayed!  I can’t promise to never do it again, but I swear I’ll regret it every time I do.

See you tomorrow night,


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