Hello, Sunshine!

My favorite day of the year was last week.  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!

I haven’t been this happy since last year.

It’s still light at bedtime, and the kids are asking if we can start having dinner at 8:00 p.m. like civilized people now.  Sadly, that will have to wait until summer, but there’s always the weekends!  I expect I’ll get Senioritis any day now and then what kind of parent will I be?  One that sits in her new Phat Tommy Adirondack chair out on her synthetic lawn, slathered in sunscreen and sippin’ on a Coke Zero all day!

Daylight savings is the bane of many people’s existence, but not mine.  I wish we had Daylight Savings all. year. long.  Like, let’s never do away with it again.  This fall?  Refuse to set your clocks back!  Let’s live a higher law, a higher standard, one that helps people with SAD everywhere!

I was going to get a Hawaiian Ice machine for this summer, they’ve got a sweet deal with their winter pricing, but the new lawn is eating up all my fun money and by the time I can slap $80 bucks together for the machine and 5 flavors of syrup, they’ll be back to regular prices.  Well, this way I have something to look forward to next spring!

People have asked if we’re going to get the front lawn done next, and I like to surprise them by saying NO.  Next on my list of major home projects is to rip out all the carpet in the living area & hallway and slap down some beautiful hardwood or laminate floor.  After that I’ll be needing my new washer & dryer, and maybe then I’ll consider doing the front lawn.  But probably not.  I need new paint, inside and out, too.  And a bigger TV.  A 32″ screen from 8 feet away is a no bueno ratio.  Maybe some outdoor furniture.  Raised garden beds.  A new gas bbqThe Utes firepit.  A girl’s got to have her priorities!


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