Hi There!

Happy New Year, my friends!

I have spent the morning on Pinterest and feel highly motivated to do many things.  This will have actual results of nothing being done whatever, except maybe many plans being made.  And then not followed through with.  I excel at that!

It’s gloomy and grey today, which means sometime, somewhere (not here, but close) there will be precipitation of some kind.  And also I will have a migraine from the barometric pressure.  Why, it’s already rolling in!

As I sit here in my kitchen looking out my back patio window, I can see a birdfeeder that I dearly like, but has had the same bird food in it for God only knows how long and needs replacing.  I blame myself.  It was doing great, birds were eating and singing, and then I ran out of food.  So I got some new food, which I bought the wrong bag of, and the birds haven’t forgiven me since.  I’ve since found the “right” food that they liked before and I want to go get a new feeder, but the one I want I’m not willing to pay the price for.  It’s blue and has panes with a butterfly design on it.  It’s at OSH for like, $29.99, and I have two main problems with this.  #1, I have sworn never to shop at OSH again as they are my mortal enemy (next to Voldemart) and B) (speak of the devil) Voldemart has almost the exact same feeder for $14.88.  But it’s a flower or something instead of a butterfly.  AND I WANT THE BUTTERFLY!!!  Here, lemme go find a picture of it….  Nope.  No pictures.  Not even something similar.  In the mean time, I did learn that apparently you should refill hummingbird feeders every few days.  Not sure how true that is (anyone?) but it explains a lot.  Or at least it would if I could keep all the nectar from dripping out of the damn thing every time I turn it right side up to hang!

Just in case you missed it, I was playing The Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii the other day with B.  I was really sick over the weekend but still wanted to do something so I asked if we could play from sitting down.  So we did a few songs like that and when we got bored I decided we had to do Thriller before stopping.  I even decided I had the energy to stand and dance!  And dance I did.  I scored 5 stars with 10,465 points!!!  On my first try!  While sick with the flu!  And it’s a HARD level song!  Go ahead.  Bask in my awesomeness.


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