Santa Is Watching!

Last weekend I received an email from Santa’s Elves.  They knew I’d been having a hard time finding and affording a gift for my middle child from Santa and wanted to let me know he’d been watching and was sending something our way for S, and a “little something” for me too.

I had to order some new church pants and expected them to arrive today, so you can imagine my surprise when the FedEx man showed up with a package that was not my new clothes!  Inside the box was an AWESOME new Utes hoodie sweatshirt…

…and a UTES snuggie to keep me warm while I watch all my Christmas movies!

(except I’m not the dude with the beard)

You guyzzzzz, I feel so loved!  And it’s a dream come true!  I’m a size smaller than I thought I was!  (When I pulled out the hoodie I was nervous because it’s a size smaller than I usually get.  I didn’t know how to contact Santa to let him know I needed to exchange it.  But I put it on anyway just to see if it was really that tight, and it wasn’t!  It totally fit!)

The cherry on top of my sundae was Honey coming home from work with all his little work gifties, including a Starbucks card for me!

I know in life that I am blessed to know many people who love and care about me.  That is the greatest gift anyone can give me, their friendship.  So, Santa’s Elves, if you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for my presents, and thank you for the  feelings of love and kinship, of generosity and spirit, and bless you for all of it!

Thank you also to my MoFem friends, who have banded together this Christmas season and filled in for Santa as well.  They sent a wonderful package with a gift for each of my boys to put under the tree, making this a Christmas we will not soon forget!



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