I Found A Million Dollars!

But like Brewster and his millions, I have to spend it by the end of the day.

First, I’m buying my dream house in SoCal.  It’s my grandparent’s home in Monrovia.  That kills about $400 grand, so what’s left?  I need to re-do the interior.  We’ll say $50 grand for that. Probably not that much, but you never know.  They re-did the kitchen and I want it turned back into the 1940’s kitchen that I know and love.  And I need to add a/c if they haven’t already.

Then I need to buy my dream car, a Ford Expedition in a fabulous blue color.  But that’s just for traveling.  I need a car for driving around town, any suggestions?  Nothing super fancy.  I know, a Dodge Charger!  And Honey can have his own car, too.  So… $100 grand for cars.  That brings us to $550k.

Now, I need my Silver Twinkie.  That’s another $100k, unless I can find a used one (which I’m not opposed to).  Because I don’t want the teeny tiny one, I need the mothership.

I was going to buy a timeshare, but with a Silver Twinkie I don’t need a place to stay, just a place to park!  I’ve still got $350k to blow…

Maybe I’ll get that second home in Utah so I can visit my friends and family whenever I want?

Wait, I didn’t forget charitable acts, I was just saving the best for last.  I would make large loans to KIVA and donations to OxFam, Doctors Without Borders, and a scholarship fund to the University of Utah.

The rest can go into gift cards and gas cards so I don’t really have to spend it all at once.


One thought on “I Found A Million Dollars!

  1. I love you my amazing, beautiful friend… I would add one more thing😘 a magic pill that I could eat what ever I want and still be a size 10?!?!

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