Take 17!

That’s about how many posts I’ve felt like I should sit down and write since the last one.  I think I’m kind of over the blog thing, but still not ready to let go.  Plus, where else can I put out rants like “To Whom It Concerns” when the occasion calls for one?

The last time I felt like this I kind of reinvented the way I wrote.  Maybe it’s time to do that again?  Please bear with me as I try out some new formats.

We’re well into the swing of autumn coming.  It’s freezing at night and in the morning, but still trying to hit 90′ during the day.  I wish I would have known it was going to turn so quickly, I would have swam a lot more while I still could.  Now, the water’s too cold!

Today I volunteered at Honey’s school to do vision screenings.  When the 7th graders started coming in I had a moment because I totally recognized some of them as Honey’s former students!  Those little teeny tiny people are now all growed up and saving China!  Some of their voices have started to change, too!  It was very pleasant to see them, but also weird.  Surreal.  Because my own kids getting older doesn’t freak me out enough, right?

Speaking of Honey, he’s started a Master’s program with CSU Fullerton.  Fullerton’s where it all started for me, and the whole reason I can really and truly say I’m a native Californian!  That’s where we lived for the first three years of Sallygirl’s life.  But it’s not the city I was born in, so HA! on you, hackers!!  He’s super busy and never has any time for anything.  It’s only been a month, I don’t know how we’ll get through 15 more of them!  I have a hard time being excited about making more money at the end because it’s not like I get to spend any of it.  It’s going to pay for the program loans and for the next kids’ braces!  Big freaking deal.  When do I get my new car?  How much longer must we, the family of tall people, toil in the Little Old Lady from Pasadena’s Buick?

My beloved Utes have started the season with two wins, but we had a tough game against Oregon State last weekend.  I just hope we can finish licking our wounds in time to eat some Cougar meat at this weekend’s game against Provo State!


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