Life Lessons Learned From The Boob Tube

A friend shared an episode of the show “World’s Strictest Parents – Tooele, UT”.  It’s about two teens from Great Britain that go to live with a Mormon family living in Tooele, Utah.  After watching the entire 57 minutes, I understood something that I never have before:

We have ideals not because we are supposed to become some proscribed version of perfect, but to help ourselves seek and find the best parts of us, our families, our relationships; and work to become those things.

When we do that, we find our own perfect.  That is what we should strive for.

Also, I never understood the “becoming your own master” thing.  But I think I do now.

Understanding these things isn’t going to cure me of all my faults & weaknesses, but for now I’m finding great comfort in them, and I think just the spark of motivation I need to move forward.  I’m human.  I’m never not going to have faults, weaknesses, temptations, feelings!  But I want to hold tight to these thoughts and use them as best I can.


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