One Of Those Days. Again.

I knew it couldn’t last forever.  I had a great day for like, two weeks straight!  Sooner or later I had to crash and burn, and that day was today.  The worst part of this disease is the unpredictability.  And you know, in my head I’m going through all the lessons I’ve learned, all the self-care I’ve practiced, and I just can’t bring myself to do it on days like today.

Days like today just hurt.  I just want Honey to come home and hold me.  I want to be one of those stories in the Ensign where the person was needing someone to uplift them and BAM! out of nowhere their friend, neighbor, or visiting teacher appears.  But that never happens.

I’ll hang in there.  It’ll get better eventually.


One thought on “One Of Those Days. Again.

  1. How about a virtual hug? You know it’s meant to be since I hardly ever check my blog page and just happened to look at it today. HUGS. -Diane

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