Who Are You, And What Have You Done With My Son?

I have a 14 year old son.  His name is B.  B is cheerful and helpful, but also supremely lazy.

Except for recently…

Last week we took a family trip to Utah.  I drove out with the three boys all by myself, and the day we left, B disappeared and SUPER B showed up.  This guy loaded bags in the car, took care of brothers, unloaded bags from the car (even ones that weren’t his!), packed things, pumped gas, cleaned up trash, and was all around a complete stranger to me.  At the family event for my reunion?  He would tool around on a scooter, and then come back and check in with me so he could meet my friends.  Here I had myself all geared up for WWIII to happen (We are, after all, a walking, talking, family therapy session) and all three of my boys were on their best behavior.  Now everyone thinks I’m a liar!


We got home from Utah last night and deposited everything on the living room floor.  School doesn’t start until tomorrow, but B got up bright and early for Seminary this morning (it started last week when the local school district started their school year).  When he got back?  HE STARTED PUTTING IT ALL AWAY.

I mean ALL AWAY.

He unloaded duffel bags, emptied shopping bags, put things where they belong, even his brothers stuff!

I love B in almost all his forms, but I’m hoping this one sticks around for awhile.  Or, for forever.

I’m really proud of all three of my boys.  They all did a fantastic job of getting along and in general staying out of each others way.  I can’t know how difficult it was for them to cram in the back seat of our 4 door, midsize sedan for 714 miles; but I hope that all the fun we had made it worth their while.  That, and all the fun little toys we doled out.


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