It Feels Like One Of Those Nights

“I don’t know ’bout you, but I”m feeling 22…”  Or 17 as the case may be.

Tonight was the Third “Annual” (and by Annual I mean whenever I happen to roll thru town be it annually or longer) Lady Eagles gathering at the Training Table restaurant where they make THE BEST cheese fries and Ultimate Dipping Sauce; and if you act kindly to the pimply teenage manager they will let you stay until well after closing time, and even then they will let you gather on their front doorstep until 1:28 a.m. so you can have a trip down memory lane with some of the people who have known you longest in your life.

I can’t find the words to say how blessed I feel to know these women.  We meet and we eat, we laugh and we cry (some of us laugh so hard we wish we had worn a Poise pad), we talk about our lives and share what’s going on about those who couldn’t make it, we ask bus boys to snap Charlie’s Angels photos of us; and although I can only speak for myself I think we all come away feeling like we have our own personal cheerleading squad out there.  We come away knowing these truths:

  • We are beautiful!
  • We are strong
  • We matter to others
  • We are talented
  • We are smart

and most importantly…

  • We are not alone

Thanks for the great evening, Lady Eagles.  I’ll see you soon!


One thought on “It Feels Like One Of Those Nights

  1. You truly are a GODSEND to me.I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to honor to be with you all last night. I felt like I have sisters, that I am not alone and I am love just because I am me… The BEST news EVER!!! Sally You are a ROCK STAR!!! don’t let anyone ever tell you any different… If they do send them the “Sally’s Angels” way ;D

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