Clover Club

That’s one of the things I miss about Utah.  These trips are always so bittersweet for me because I really love Utah!  There’s SO much I miss about living here!  I wish I could explain why I continue to live in California if I love Utah so much, but I’d have to understand it myself and I just don’t.  And I don’t feel like living in California is bad or torturous, I love California too!  Just as much as I love Utah.  Hence, the bittersweet.  Damn that Nevada, why does it have to be so big and between my two loves?  Plus, it smells like ass.  😉

In honor of my great love of Utah, I give to you my list of things I love and miss about Utah the most:

  • Shaved ice/snow cone shacks.  Have not seen these in CA, if they have them they must be few and far between.
  • Friendly neighbors!  Not that my neighbors aren’t friendly, it’s just people pretty much keep to themselves in Cali.
  • Speaking of neighbors… You don’t have to live in a rich neighborhood to live in a safe and friendly neighborhood.
  • Driving across the valley takes 20 minutes at most.
  • Wasatch Drive
  • My friends!  I have great friends in California, but they’re scattered all over and with husbands that have colossal commutes, it’s hard to have girl time.  Also, I’m pretty sure none of them would organize a pole dancing class for fun like my good friend D did.
  • Grandma Sycamore’s Bread – YUMMERS!!
  • My cute nieces and nephews – Seriously, my sisters (blood and in-law) are going to be fighting boys off with a baseball bat!  And my nephew T?  He’s going to go pro with hockey.  The kid has mad skillz.  High schools all over the valley want him for their team.  Bless his heart, he wants to play for the Utes, too!
  • Speaking of the Utes…. UTAH FOOTBALL!!!
  • Dating culture – It’s totally normal to go on group dates, the bigger the better!  And they’re so creative, too.
  • Sconecutters!  Totally not real scones, but yummy just the same.
  • Arctic Circle, because, FRY SAUCE!
  • The plethora of inexpensive (and free!) activities for people of all ages.  There’s too many to list!
  • Stake Lagoon Day – Why can’t we have Stake Disneyland Day?  I totally vote for it!
  • Dollar movie theaters – I’m pretty happy with the price structure at our local AMC theater, even though we rarely can go to a movie on the weekends; but there are SO many movies I’d rather see in the theater than have to wait for DVD!
  • Deseret Industries – Yes, we have some pretty great Goodwill stores, but DI has better prices and is organized so much more efficiently!
  • Trader Joe’s, In-N-Out Burger, and IKEA are here!
  • Scouting in Utah wards is much more adventurous.
  • Utah Mormons are… different than members “in the field”, but there are some things they just do better here and I’m jealous of that.
  • My family – I’ll say it again, I really miss my family.  I enjoy visiting them SO very much, but living here would be different.  I imagine how great it would be for our kids to grow up together like my brother & sister’s kids are, but the reality is it just wouldn’t be what I want it to be and I don’t know that I could handle it.  I love my sister, but her family is the busiest family I know (and good for them!), and time for get togethers is scarce.  I love my brother, too; but his family is so much younger than mine and until now all girls (baby boy is due soon!).  How fun is it for them to get together with mine?  Probably not enough to hang out much more than we already do.  And that’s once a year or less.  Why can’t my dreams be reality?  How hard is that for the world to revolve around me???  I don’t ask for much, just all your free time! 😉
  • Undergraduate options – Not too many where I live.  There are two JC’s in my area, and they are cut down to bare bones.  To take any interesting classes I’d have to head up to Sacramento and that’s just not an option right now.
  • Summertime – Sure, it has similar temperatures to the Central Valley, but it’s a dry heat (lol) and so much less oppressive than the humidity we’re plagued with!  Plus, summer thunderstorms!!

I could keep going but the day is starting to get away from me and I’m going to take advantage of the empty house to get all showered up.  Today is pedicure day!


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