Mama’s Got A Brand New ____________!

I know, I know.  It’s been a long time.  Frankly, I don’t think people really follow blogs anymore anyway, so it’s not like you’re clamoring for more of my awesome life, right?  At any rate, I have things to share, and will likely mix up the order in which they have or will occur so try to keep up!

Honey applied and got accepted to a Master’s program at CSU Fullerton.  Something about Educational Technology, blah blah blah.  It’s really good because it’s totally online and saves us a lot of money in commuting to and from school, even if it were a local campus.  It makes him valuable in his workplace, and puts him in a position to lead his peers in using new technologies in the classroom.

As a result of this program, we’ve gotten to invest in some new hardware ourselves!  We needed to replace a dinosaur desktop PC that is a 3rd-hand hand-me-down.  It’s not dead yet, but much sooner than later it will be.   We decided to get a new PC for the family because Honey has access to a laptop at his day job that he can bring home and use for his program.  But then… we got to talking about this and that, and this and that, and that too; and it was decided that instead of replacing the dinosaur, I was going to get a laptop!  It’s to help me deal with the giant hole that will need filling once Honey starts the program and has barely any time for a piss let alone to spend five minutes with me just hanging out.  Plus, I am going back to school (again) eventually.  I just have to wait until we can afford for me to commute to Sacramento or the Bay Area because I’ve exhausted all my local JC options. And I did say I would share my new toy with Honey should the need arise, so there you go!

After the first term we’ll be purchasing a tablet for Honey to use in the classroom, but he wants to wait and see how he’ll be able to use it first.  We decided on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that I found on Amazon for $329.99 vs. an iPad because that way he can transfer his work between the laptops, the aging desktop (both at home and at work) and the tablet.  An iPad would be fun for sure, but maybe not as useful.

I tried convincing him I needed a new iPod Touch as well since mine is so ancient you can’t download any new, or even old, apps to it because the OS is so out of date; but I got a big fat NO DICE on that one.   Whatever, eventually I will get my way!!

One of the problems we had with the desktop was the amount of room my music took up.  I am one of those dorks that pays for their music and uses iTunes, and apparently I have 1000 GB of music, which slows things down a bit!  I didn’t want to screw up my new toy so we also got a 3 TB external hard drive to put all the music, photos, and other documents from our old PC on; and I can’t wait for my Nerd Friend to transfer it all for me!  I miss my music so much, and Honey would like to not spend $10/month on Spotify – no matter how fabulous it is!

Now let us change directions from Tech to Fashion:

My 20th high school reunion is rapidly approaching and I am getting all kinds of nervous about what to wear.  It doesn’t do me any good to have a fabulous outfit if I’m wearing my ratty old faux Toms with a hole in the toe, so I decided to finally bite the bullet and order a few pairs from

I love shoes.  I really really do.  I’m not Imelda Marcos though, because I have the worst time trying to find shoes that A) Fit right and B) Won’t make my cankles look even worse than they do naturally!   I found four pairs of sandals that I adored and had them shipped right quick to my door.  Three pairs arrived yesterday.  One pair I couldn’t even get all the way on.  Pair #2, my favorite pair, fit but looked AWFUL on me, and pair #3 fit fine, but the leather is so light it blends in with my skin!  Heartbroken, I decided to hold out hope for the 4th pair which mysteriously wasn’t delivered until this morning.

Well… they fit!  But I’m not sure how they look.  And they’re a wedge that is ever so slightly too high for me that I’m thinking this pair is a “no” as well.  This is getting downright depressing!  I’ve got one hope left.  One pair I ordered from the same place I ordered some cute new shirts from.  I’m pinning all my hopes on this pair that they not only fit, but they look smokin’ on me, too.  (Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!)

We’ve had some car repairs & issues that I just don’t want to talk about anymore, suffice it to say that our car has been in the shop since Monday afternoon, it won’t be finished until tomorrow afternoon, and this shop is getting a scathing review from me on Yelp!

(Did I mention that we’re a one-car family?  Yeah.  It’s not working out so great for us this minute.)

Last, but not least!, we are going on our camping trip to the beach on Monday.

We’ve been waiting all summer, actually since we made the reservation in February, for this time to come and we are excited as all get out to go!  B has been working on the Astronomy Merit Badge for Boy Scouts and last Saturday night we went to a Star Party at a local regional park, which is kind of like a wildlife preserve.  They have them about once a month and people bring their ginormous telescopes to share and talk about the heavens.  There was one scope so big, I thought it was a human cannon!  That’s how big it was!

As I was hanging out in my camp chair there was a slight delta breeze blowing and the night was just beautiful and all I could think of was, “Dang!  I wish we were camping right now and laying on our sleeping bags looking up at the stars through the tent ceiling.  Then we could talk and talk and talk until we fall asleep all curled up in our blankets and have a great night’s sleep where we dream fabulous dreams and wake up with a smile on our faces.”

The only thing better than camping is camping with family and friends.  Alas, this trip we make alone, but maybe you’ll come with us next time?  It’s more fun when you share the planning and the preparing of the outdoor meals, and it increases our joy when we have others to share the whole experience of exploring nature and playing games with loved ones.

Just a few days after we return we’ll make our big trip out to Utah to enjoy the last days of summer with our family and friends, and the highlight of the trip will be getting to rekindle friendships of all kinds at our reunion.

I’m totally not prepared for our return to California, though.  We arrive home on a Sunday, and the kids start school on Tuesday.  When am I supposed to go school shopping?  How will we get prepared for that first day in so short of time?  B is starting high school and seminary!!!

(Deep breath) Ok.  One day at a time.  Today is not that day.  I’m going back to worrying about my shoes now.


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