You Cheat Me!!!

Remember how I told you that Dum Dum Pops have shrunk sometime in the last few years?  I knew I could prove it when I found this gem in my Super Secret Snack Cupboard:


It’s a Dum Dum Pop of unknown age. Could be a year, could be four years… who knows?  The point is, I (pretend to) have a photographic memory and I could tell just by looking at the wrapper that this baby is bigger than what they’re selling at the store these days.

I needed more than just my mad memory skillz to confirm my suspicions, so yesterday I made a special trip to the bank.  (The Bank hands out Dum Dum Pops when you go through the drive-thru, and the same economy that forced Dum Dum to screw me out of a teaspoon of sugar has forced me to get things free when I can.) 

I now present to you, proof positive that Dum Dum Pops are screwing us over:


Now go forth and find evidence of other companies that are cheating us and return and report so that I can expose their evil doings here on the interwebz for all to see!


Comments here ---> (please?)

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