The Four Horsemen of the Apocalpyse Are Here

At least I think they are, because why else would I venture into the swimming pool in the middle of May?

Seriously you guys, I hardly EVER get into the pool.  EVER.  It’s not heated and hello, have you met me?  I’m allergic to being cold!  So even in the crazy hot summer temperatures of 113′ I still am reluctant to dive in, but today… today something possessed me and I got in.

Even more appalling shocking is that I let there be photographic proof!

Awesome sauce, right?  I mean sure, I may have blinded a few birds that flew through the yard.  Some of the seagulls may have been confused as to why a whale was so far inland, but they got over it.

It was so much fun… I think I might do it again tomorrow.  All the kids got in, and now I’m blogging about it even though I really should be making dinner, because HEY!  Swimming makes you hungry!

Please feel free to invite yourself over anytime.  We love having friends over.  Just bring your own towels, sunscreen and snacks because this isn’t your parent’s place.  I’m not here to do your laundry, feed you, or make sure your kids don’t get skin cancer.

See you soon!


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