Why Didn’t You Tell Me Sooner?

So about an hour ago I sat down to email Honey about making dog walking a paying job for B, because S has already been excused from the job for excessive meanness and D is following in his footsteps.  But before I can do anything I need my music, and since I still haven’t bought that external hard drive to resurrect my iTunes library from our last computer I turned to Pandora.  Except that I remembered how much I kinda hate it and then I remembered that app called Spotify.

Dude, why didn’t you tell me sooner?

Of course I had to play with it before I could do, what was I doing?  Oh yeah, the email.  Well now that it’s 90 minutes later I can send the email.  But I’m not done playing with Spot yet.

It’s Violent Femmes Time, baby!  (if you say that in the right accent, you get 50 million house points, but you have to tell me whose accent you’re using to get them)


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