Hello… Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I hope so.  Otherwise you’re probably just some dumb spambot that’s going to leave me a comment indicating that English is not your first (or second, or third) language.

I had a great day today!  I got to talk to my sister for a few minutes, which is a rare treat, and it just made me remember how much I love my family even when I hate them.  And really I don’t hate them, I just hate it when loving them hurts so much.

I get frustrated, a lot, that we’re not closer as a family.  I come up with all these grand plans and schemes to change that, but it’s hard to accept and hold on tight to the mantra “I can change only myself.”  And like anything in life, consistency is the key to success!

Except I’m not consistent in these activities unless you count that I consistently have long periods of doing nothing and then a spurt of activity designed to give the impression that I’m a better aunt or sister than I really am.

My kids’ school does not participate in Box Tops 4 Education but my nieces and nephews do.  I’ve been hoarding box tops for the last few months to help them out and tonight I texted a picture of my bowlful with the stipulation that they would go to the niece or nephew that first sends me a note telling me all of their favorite things with a cute siblings photo.  It’s hard to get to know them better when we only see them once a year (maybe); and even though I enjoy sending little notes once in awhile I can’t expect them to return the gesture.  They’re kids!

I do hope one of them bites though.  I hate to be so manipulative to get what I want (to know them better), but when you live so far away how else do you forge a relationship?


In other news…

Pretty soon school will be out and we can have dinners at 8:00 like civilized people.  Hallelujah!


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