On Notice

The following are things I have noticed this week:

  • Last night at 7:34 p.m. the sun was still out
  • The number 80 is included in the temperature forecast for several days this week
  • Wax melty smelly things are AWESOME
  • Tuesday nights on TV suck
  • When dropping kids off at school either everyone’s there or no one’s there.  No in-between.  At the same time each day.
  • Nair burns!
  • If you don’t brush your teeth before you leave your room in the morning, they may not get brushed at all and you won’t notice this until you’ve been out and about all day smiling at people
  • Doctor appointments are never convenient, even when you plan them to fit your schedule
  • Books don’t read themselves
  • Strawberry stands everywhere are disappearing (!!!)

Comments here ---> (please?)

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