“Mawwage is wut bwings us togevvah today…”

Last night I attended the bridal shower of a vibrant young woman from my ward.  I was worried, I’ve been pretty antisocial lately and I didn’t want to be a downer at what should be a sparklingly happy occasion.

Never fear, I did spend a large part of the evening on my phone trying to locate where I could get a large

sign (just like the one in my hostess’ kitchen) to hang over my fireplace in the dining area.  Turns out it’s Retro Planet .

When purchasing her gift I felt like a total loser.  I went with the registry (eww, how uncreative you slob!) at Target and picked a mixing bowl set that I actually had mentally registered for myself.  Then I started composing a mental note to include in the card, but I never could quite come out with a satisfactory ending to it so I skipped it and went with the tag on the bag.  (Man, I love me a pretty gift bag!  Nevermind that I’m a cute wrapping paper hoarder, bags are easy!)

If I had managed to be coherent, it would’ve gone something like this:

“Dear L, Congratulations on your impending nuptuals!”

(Because everybody so regularly uses the word “nuptuals”, right?)

I am so very happy for you and B.  What an exciting time you are in right now!  

I wish so much I could have bought you a better gift.  I remember being newlywed and so grateful for everything we received, but more so for the more expensive things we could not have afforded ourselves. 

Sometimes in life you find that you never quite outgrow that “poor college student” phase when it comes to worldy things.  It can at times be frustrating and disappointing, but luckily when this happens it seems that you also don’t outgrow the “so very much in love” phase that gives you the strength you need to get through anything! 

My wish for you and B is that you are always happy enough.  The best advice I ever got was to communicate.  Sometimes it’s ugly, sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes it’s not what you want (don’t we all wish our husbands had crystal balls?) because it’s not romantic to have to tell your hubby what you really want; but if you are always open and communicative of your wants and needs to each other you will likely lack the arguments and fights that happen when you don’t.  That’s not to say you’ll never disagree, opinions often differ, but with complete honesty I can count on one hand the amount of times Honey and I have fought in our almost 16 years of marriage. 

Enjoy this special time in your life, it only comes once and you most definitely deserve it!  Much love, Sallygirl”

Fortunately for her, she was spared the ramblings of a nostalgic older woman gripped in fear of the white hairs appearing at her temples and desperate to impart knowledge on to future generations of women (but lacking any daughters of her own to do so).

Fortunately for her soon-to-be hubby she received plenty of cute lingerie, which for one so inexperienced in marital intimacy, she handled with aplomb.

Now I just hope we’re invited to the reception so I can give her the gift I should’ve given last night (and probably will anyway)!


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