Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Just come back at night, ok?  And maybe not so ferociously, you totally ruined my zucchini transplants out in the bed.  Those big green leaves?  GONE!

The ladies of the RHBH have reunited and now are gone, but the ladies of the OC have blown in like a lion!  I have to say, watching the background scenery makes me miss living in southern California SO BAD!!  I miss the clean-ness and new-ness of everything.  Everything is close, everything is pretty, lots of culture and entertainment, the beach AND the woods, what more could a girl want?  I’m tired of living in Hickville, USA!  The dirt and the dust and the crops that I never ever see at my own grocery store or closest farm stands.  Where the hell is everything going?

I miss my weekly, year-round farmer’s market that had one tchotchke vendor for every seven farm or floral vendors.  This joke of a farmer’s market up here is only open for two months during the summer and has one farm for every five retail vendors.  It’s ridiculous!

And I miss the beach.  A lot.  The 20 minutes away beach, not the 150 minutes away beach.  (Shut up, Ana.  I know.)  I miss the whale watching tours, and Disneyland fireworks for Family Home Evening, and visits to Ruby’s Diner at the end of the pier for kids meals served on a frisbee to take down to the sand after dessert!

Honey and I have made a pact that as soon as D graduates high school, we’re outta here.  Off at top speed five miles above the limit down I-5 until we reach home as soon as the diploma is in his fat little hand, that’s where you’ll find us!

Unless one of us breaks first.  I’m not saying it will be me, but I’m not saying it won’t.  It’s SO HARD to be a responsible parent!  Dammit!  Why do things like this have to mess us up??  Just because we have a perfect school, they are getting an awesome education tailor-made to their (advanced) abilities – I am left to wither and die in this forsaken little dust bowl?

No fair.


One thought on “Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. You don’t know me but I’m gonna comment anyway (you said “please”)
    That responsibility stuff sucks! Especially being a responsible parent. Living away from what ou love will make the vacations back there that much better. Maybe? Just putting additive spin on things. I’m not good at that either, lol.

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