Old and Older

That’s Honey and my new names.  (He’s Older!)

So, D turned 10 today.  Yeah.  My “baby” is a decade old.  Holy shit!

Oh wait, I’m not done with the “you know you’re an old fart when ___” news…

My high school class’ 20th reunion is this summer.  Maybe.  No one seems to know when or where it is, but the pot is starting to stir so hopefully more info will be coming soon.  I didn’t go to the first two.  Too soon.

I’ve been pestering all my old friends like mad to go because I want to make sure I have at least one friend there, besides the one I married, only now that things are moving forward my old frenemy Anxiety has come back to visit.  I am seriously starting to freak out.  None of my motivational speeches are working on myself.


After all this time, after all I’ve been through and how much I’ve grown it still comes down to, “I’m still fat!”

Will anyone really be glad I came?  Tom, Dick and Harry were real assholes to me.  I can forgive, but am I opening myself up for more?

I think I’m feeling a little more important than I really am.  No one will think twice about me, we’ll all enjoy eachother’s company, awkwardness will ensue when trying to remember who is who or place names with faces, and it will be a great weekend.

So why does it have to be so scary?


3 thoughts on “Old and Older

  1. Mrs. Sally, I don’t want to go because I wasn’t fat in high school and now I am. I would be oh so sad if you didn’t come. I hear you about the anxiety. I’m getting it too. Here’s one reason…..I’m 37 and my hubby is 51! Yup, and I don’t want to take him because of what I think some stupid ass in high school is going to think. I love my hubby, I love myself, I even love that fat roll from having 4 kids. I know it sounds weird, but I love me (I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darnit people like me). Let’s not worry about it, let’s not get the anxiety that needs to be medicated. Let’s make a pack….if anyone makes us feel bad about ourselves at the reunion we text each other and we’ll gang up on them and show them what a grown woman can really do? Whataya say? I’ll go if you go, I would miss you if you didn’t. Lots of love, Missy

    • Mrs. Missy, I think you are fabulous, and FYI you are most definitely not the only person with a husband older than you. I’ve heard of several ladies who’ve married older men. Even Brian is older than me! True, only 3 months and 3 days, but the point is he will always be older than me! Plus, it must be a Melissa thing because do you remember Missy Robbins? Her hubby just turned 50 too!


      I like the pact, we will definitely have to exchange numbers, but I don’t think we will need them. I’m positive that people don’t notice my size or think about it as much as I think they do; and if they do notice us at all it’s only because we are even more fabulous than we were from 1990-93!

      We will all go, you with Father Time and me with Jack Sprat, and we will make wonderful memories! I can’t wait to see you. I can’t wait to see everybody. Even the asshats. I’ve said it before, I truly believe nobody realizes how horrid they were back in those days. Now that they have children, I bet they do and feel terrible about it. And if they don’t? Then they’re psychopaths and we’re lucky they didn’t go all Ted Bundy on us back in the 90’s.

      LOVE YOU!!!

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