Bob the Butcher

Bob the Butcher has retired.

I am very sad.

Bob was a rock star!  He gave me all kinds of tips, but the best ones were what NOT to buy.

More than once he gave me free meat.  Expensive meat, too.  I think he understood my reluctance to try something I was unsure of and wanted to prove to me I could cook it and love it.

He would cut stuff up for me and repackage it, just so I wouldn’t have to touch the raw meat to cut it myself.  Bob understood my issues.

So far I have met two contenders for Bob’s job.  I don’t remember the first guy, but today I met John.  (Butchers should have one syllable names)  John seems like he can do the job, but I don’t think he’s going to give me free meat.  He’ll probably cut stuff up for me, too, but will he “get” me?

I don’t know…

So Bob, wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your retirement and that you’ll consider coming back to work once a week (or less! I don’t always buy meat!) just when I am shopping.

Happy Valentine’s Day, too!


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