An Innocent Man?

Remember a couple of posts ago how I was in love with Billy Joel all over again?  Well I had to buy the “An Innocent Man” CD because it was all over my brain.

Billy has always been there for me, and this tape was a mainstay in 1985.  When I saw the film “Running On Empty” with River Phoenix (hawt!) he started playing something on the piano that I immediately recognized as “This Night”, and ever since I became obsessed with finding the sheet music for this piece.

Turns out Billy ripped off Beethoven.  It was from the Sonata Pathetique!  I’m sure he doesn’t mind though.


So, guess what?

I’m planting garden stuff today.

Try not to hate me as I put the corn, cucumbers, peas, watermelon, squash and tomatoes into the ground and/or pots in front of my window.



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