Cheese Diet

I’ve been on a cheese diet, but only because I have been avoiding whining pretty well this winter I think.  I’ve also tried to refrain from bragging things like it’s going to be 65′ at my house this Saturday.  You’re welcome.


So… is it the first date after the last frost yet?  I’d like to plant my peas now.  Before the winds come and blow them all away.  I’m also considering starting some heirloom tomato seeds I got from a magazine last summer.  I don’t know why they give them to you so long after you really need to start them if you want to have ripe tomatoes before winter comes, but they did.  So I’ve been saving them.


I think I need a nanny.  For me.  Someone to keep me motivated and plan my day and do stuff with me.  I used to have kids for that, but the little shits grew up and now the state is all, “They have to go to school.”

I think I’d actually like a manny, but there’s not that many cute gay guys in this town.

This depression has changed from feeling bad all the time to feeling blank.  I’m not sure which is worse.  It’s freaking exhausting trying to make myself do stuff all day, especially when I don’t give two shits about anything.  Which is of course, untrue, but that’s how it feels.

The silence is deafening but I can’t find a comfortable white noise.

Ok.  That’s enough of that.  Time to go make myself do something else.





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