The Confessional

That’s what they call it when on a reality show a single person is shown talking in a closet or offsides with a producer asking questions about what’s going on and how they’re doing with it all.

Here’s mine:

I haven’t been to the gym this week.

I still have a plan and motivation to go, it’s just been really hard re-adjusting to the whole waking up thing with the kids going back to school after Christmas break.  My plan was to get up early enough to get dressed with the kids so I could go straight to the gym after dropping them off, because I know if I come home to do it after doing dropoffs bra-less and in my PJs I’m not going anywhere.  I’m getting better at going to bed at a decent hour but waking up has been sheer torture!

Please don’t be disappointed or worried.  I have enough disappointment of my own, but I’m not worried because I still want this.  I’m not going to fail because it means too much to me.

Ok.  I feel better now that I’ve confessed.  Also, I have a present for you!

Honey and I went to Stockton last week to a check out a new bike shop for repairs and while we were there I had to stop at the 99 Cents Only store because it’s the eleventeenth commandment (“Thou shalt stop at the 99 Cents Only store whenever thou art within 2 miles of one to check for blog material”).  Honey has been looking for a cow he can fill with marbles or something for his class and we figured if anyone would have something like that, they would.  (They don’t)

I didn’t have time to peruse the food aisles to find anything as awesome as Speedo Sports Water or Canned Strawberries, but I did find some dinner plates on an end cap, emblazoned with artwork of the Virgin Mary with a knife in her fiery heart:

Nothing says "Clean your plate!" like a Virgin Mary platter from the 99 Cents Only store!

Nothing says “Clean your plate!” like a Virgin Mary platter from the 99 Cents Only store!

They had matching candles, too.

You’re welcome.


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