It’s Christmas Time Again!

And by that I mean:  My kids go back to school tomorrow!

Kids.  They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes they give you so much you wish they had a generous return policy where you could exchange their “gifts” for cash.

Tomorrow I resume my regular gym attendance.  I’ve been three times since I joined.  It would have been more, but that “personal trainer” was more like a “personal Chinese water torture” machine and made me immobile for two days.

I am not nervous.

I am excited.

Except for the part where I have to get up in the morning.

I was SO irresponsible this vacation!

Seriously.  I went to bed between 2:00 & 4:00 every morning.  And slept until 9:30.  One time I slept in until 10!  Then I napped all day, too.  /SHAME

I tried reforming myself a few days ago, but it didn’t work.  I even went to bed early (11:30 p.m.) last night so I could be at church on time this morning.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

I got up at 8:30, and that was only because B was freaking out that we wouldn’t get there in time for him to pass the sacrament.

I really am a little disappointed in myself over this.  When we started the school year, I specifically asked to do pickups instead of dropoffs because I’m allergic to the morning.

But then I got road rage.  And I had to switch to dropoffs in the morning so I didn’t end up on the six o’clock news for running over all the idiotic parents and line management volunteers.  It was going pretty well for awhile, and that’s where I got the idea to go to the gym in the morning on my way home from school.  But now… now I’m screwed.

I’ll probably resort to snarfing down seventeen Benadryl before my desired bedtime until I can get my body clock back on schedule.  Because that’s not self-destructive, right?  (I’m all about not self-destructing these days, hence not doing pickups where I might turn into Ghostrider)


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