Happened on Friday the 28th and not the 21st as originally predicted.  That’s my explanation for how I came to join a gym anyway.

Or it could have occurred today since church got cancelled thanks to some broken bathroom pipes!

I’ve always wanted the rest of church to be “optional”, or at least break it up like they did back in the old days (a.k.a. the 70’s).  Seriously, the other generic Christians have Awanas on Wednesday nights, why can’t our kids have Sunday School then, too?

Now back to me and the gym.

I was just catching up on Sister Wives and noticed that even with their ginormous family they still all take the time to work out.  And they haven’t really lost any weight, but they feel better and have energy to do stuff.  So I told Honey that if I could find a gym to join for $20-30/mo. that he should let me do it.

The funny thing is, I was going to wait to investigate on January 7th when my kids go back to school because that’s when I’d be working out; right after I drop them off at school.  But Honey insisted I go now, and good thing!  I got a screaming deal.  No registration fees, or any other types of fees, and instead of a 36 mo. contract I only had to sign a 12 mo. one.  My startup costs were $32.99 and then $19.99/mo. starting February 1st.  Apparently the best time to join a gym is not at the beginning of the year when everyone is joining them in droves and vowing to work out like animals and be healthier in the new year, but right as the old year is ending and they’re trying to beef up their numbers.

It was a really good experience, investigating the gym.  I did not feel intimidated by all the Barbies and Kens working out there (there weren’t any at that time anyway), it was very quiet and empty (yay for me, I like to sweat in private), the machines were easy to use (I walked on the treadmill for a few minutes), and not only did I not feel judged for being a walking whale, I didn’t feel pity or like I was visiting with a used car salesman (SLIMY!) when it was all over.

So if you’re looking for a gym to join in my town, tell Vincent that Sallygirl sent you.  I want the refer-a-friend bonus!


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