Les Miserables

Is what you’ll be if you get the giant soda when going to see an epic movie like this.  Can you imagine having to get up and pee 45 times while someone is singing?  Awkward!

Good thing I got the small.

Tonight I went with my dear friends the Hoffmans to see the infamous “Les Miserables”.  That’s right.  I totally ditched my family and subverted my own January Girl’s Night Out by going to see it on Christmas night; and I do not regret it for one minute!

I wouldn’t say I was a theater geek in my younger days, just because I did not love drama enough to take the “activity bus” home after rehearsals.  Definitely one step removed from that though, as I was witness to several local productions from behind the scenes while my mom acted, and hey… I was even in one once!

I grew up loving all things musical, but for some reason Les Mis never made it into the rotation.  I couldn’t say if that was good or bad, but it made it easy for me to not hate anything about the film since I knew virtually nothing of the story and apparently even less of the songs (there are a lot more!).  Also, I have never seen a musical where really, they should call it an opera because they sing just about every. single. word!

Anyway, I think I am blithering now because I’m not really telling you anything of the story (epic!), the music (intense!), or the actors (the best!) so I should probably go, but I want to leave you with this:

Russell Crowe is WEAK!  Very nice singing voice, apparently he was huge into musical theater before becoming all Hollywood, but I would have expected a stronger voice for Javert.


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