Jingle Bells! The Carpet Smells!!

Last night when I got home from the RS Christmas dinner it was strangely quiet.  Stranger still, everyone was pretty much in bed and nobody snuck out to say goodnight to me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it just doesn’t usually happen that way when I return home from an evening out.

It turns out B isn’t feeling so good.  Poor thing!  I noticed he was getting another cold, even though we all just barely got rid of the last one, and I figured he just went to bed early to get some rest.  (Normally I will be yelling at him as late as 11 p.m-Midnight to turn his flippin’ lights off and this was just after 9:00)

I was wrong.  SO VERY WRONG about the kind of illness he had.

I got up in a hurry this morning because I had agreed to take someone I know through church to the courthouse in Stockton so she could try and get into traffic court this afternoon.  When I came out into the living room to get my shoes on and go I noticed B was sprawled out on the couch in his undies and a blanket (also unusual for him) and his face was very flushed.  Uh-oh…

Yep.  Fever.  And of course just yesterday I went to Target to get some ibuprofen (God’s gift to fevers and restless legs!) for Honey and decided that I didn’t want to pay $10.99 for a bottle of 160 since I could go to Costco and pay just a couple dollars more for 500!  Except I forgot to go to Costco…

He mentioned he’d thrown up three times in the night so I told him to not eat anything dairy, stick to plain toast and crackers if he got hungry, and even though he despises soda of any kind (I know, I’m not sure he’s really my kid) I told him to sip on the emergency Coke in the fridge because it really is good for upset tummies.

I ran out the door and then tried calling a few friends to drop off some meds for him, to no avail.  Why does everyone have Tylenol but not Advil?!?!  Do you never get cramps?  Tylenol is good for NO-THING!!

Well, it turned out that our trip this morning was just to get a return time for this afternoon so I came home to wait out until Costco opens (in 15 minutes from now) and to see if he was feeling any better.

Imagine how awesome my house smelled when I walked in and the heater had been on!  Baked puke!  YUMMY!  I began the Spanish Inquisition to figure out why he hadn’t flushed or dumped his puke yet when I discovered the worst… He’d never made it to THE BOWL.

That’s right.  He puked all over the floor.  The carpeted floor.

Does anyone nearby have a carpet cleaner I can borrow?


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