What Brown Can Do For Me

Is deliver a truckload more packages than they currently do!

(Seriously, is there a better rush than that quick-fire rapping on the door to tell you Dr. Hotpants has left a delivery at your doorstep?)

Today I got B’s “thing to read” present.  We’re trying a new tradition this year.  Have you heard the saying “Something to wear, something to read, something they want, and something they need”?  Well that’s what we’re doing.  So far every kid has something to read.  At this point, that’s about all we can do.  Part of me has sadness and anxiety about it, part of me is glad.  The presents aren’t what Christmas is for anyway, right?

This also gives me lots of energy to devote to the memories.  We’ve been reading out of our massive Christmas library every night, and occasionally watching a holiday show.  The decorations have gone up along with some dancing to the tunes of the season, and I decided there couldn’t be a better day to visit the beach than Christmas, so that’s where we’ll be on the big day!


One thought on “What Brown Can Do For Me

  1. We are planning a small Christmas too but I really love how we are focusing on the traditions and enjoying all the little things like you! It really feels better not to be focusing on presents. I read an article that said black friday was at a three year high. I found that really surprising. Most people I know have told me they are doing much smaller gift giving for Christmas this year. Let me know how Christmas at the beach goes. I freeze at our beaches in the summer but I imagine it would make alot of great memories and I would be happy by a big blazing bonfire 🙂

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