I Can’t Make You ____ Me

I can’t make you love me.

Or like, need, or want me.

You either do or you don’t.

That’s not a slam to me, I know I’m an acquired taste.  And just like I don’t have to be friends with everybody, I don’t expect everybody to be friends with me.

But what do you do when there are people in your life you already have a relationship with, but one of you is better at contact than the other?  What do you do when as time goes on you start to share less and less, then you stop picking up the phone (either to make the call or to answer), and after awhile you just don’t know what to say to the other?

Do you cherish the memories, say a mental “Goodbye”, and move onto the next phase of life?  Are we only in each other’s lives for a season?  Do you sit them down to lunch and talk, or write them a letter and tell them how you feel?

What if you both want the relationship, but one of you is significantly busier than the other?  What if you want the relationship but there’s an age difference that makes it difficult?  What do you do when the relationship feels forced, or that you’re an albatross around the neck to them?

What do you do if it’s family?


One thought on “I Can’t Make You ____ Me

  1. Family is always worth the effort of holding things together. And some relationships are harder to maintain than others. I think one point to consider is that people want different things out of relationships. Some of us need frequent contact; others are happy with the yearly Christmas letter. I have friends that I haven’t talked to in years, yet, when I do see them it’s like we talked yesterday. Others I may see regularly and still be figuring out how to make things less awkward. But, in all cases, plain, old-fashioned kindness works miracles.

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