Things That Should Be Real

I’ve been swimming over at Pinterest trying to come up with some inspiration for today’s post when I did something so totally random it gave me an idea light bulb that flashed above my head like a Vegas casino sign!

My lips have needed some TLC lately so I grabbed my favorite peppermint chapstick and liberally applied.  Then, a few minutes later I licked my lips before I sipped my morning coffee Coke and ZINGA!  The tastebuds sang a sweet, sweet melody that made me want to cry tears of happiness and joy.

So on today’s list of Things That Should Be Real, I’m starting with Minty Coke!  Minty Coke should TOTALLY be a Real Thing.

Other things that should be real:

– Heated bras.  You know how they have electric socks?  Let’s get bras in on that action.

– Permanent mascara.

– Self-cleaning baseboards, bathrooms, and windows.  And yes, I am aware there are actually self-cleaning windows, but who can afford them??

– Speaking of minty things… Mint Chocolate Starbursts!  Or chocolate covered mint Starbursts!

– Public college sports tv channels.  Seriously.  I should be able to watch all of my UTES games live and in person instead of as teeny tiny pin characters on my phone on a five+ minute delay.  Or, alumni should be able to live stream it online or thru a device like Roku or Wii or Bluray DVD players with a passcode.

– Prescription tanning beds.  I’m just not sure that a little Light Therapy Box like that is going to werk! me out of SAD, you know?  And damn if that hasn’t started three months early for me!

What’s on your list of Things That Should Be Real?


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