Ana Claus Is Coming To Town!

So, you may remember two years-ish ago when I lamented the loss of my bff Ana Banana to the state of Montana.  It has been long and hard to be away, and since we all know I’m allergic to snow, cold, and exposure to small towns for a period of longer than two days Ana has decided to come and visit me!

I’m so excited I could pea my plants!  (Five zillion house points if you get that reference)

(I’ll give you a hint:  You can’t Google it.)

So ever since confirmation of arrival date I’ve been racking my brain for ideas of what we can do while she’s here.  I totally want to go here, and there, and a few other places… but it’s S’s birthday the day before she comes, Christmas is coming, and there’s always the looming 12% pay cut in the air so I’m trying to keep it low key but also not just sitting at home scratching our watches and winding our butts.

When I was growing up in Utah, my grandparents were semi-retiring in Whittier, CA.  In their house was this hideous sculpture of the Golden Gate Bridge that I grew to love over time.  A long, long time.  It looks like this:

Gross, right?

Except it totally fits my mid-century vibe that I’m aiming for and I super love how relevant it is to where I live.

Want to hear something even more disgusting?

It’s by a “famous” sculptor named Curtis Jere and going for $895 on eBay right now.




Oh, except some dumb-hole spray painted it gold and now it isn’t all mottled and you can’t see the signature.

Anyway, it used to hang over our fireplace until I got my major-motion yard sale score (the California impressionist painting for $15 bucks?) and then it got moved to the garage.

Except I miss it!  So Banana’s going to help me re-hang it right over the piano.  (Don’t let me forget to get some anchors at OSH, m’kay?)

Yeah, right ^^^^ there.

Then, we’re going to paint this bookcase (where I keep all my cookbooks!):

My kitchen colors are blue & white, but I’m thinking we should paint it RED!
Now all I need is cafe curtains, an awesome ceiling fan/light and pendant light for my kitchen and aside from a total remodel, I’m done!


Now if only there was a ceiling fan to match….


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